Current RevelMe! members:

Jorge of The Underscore Orkestra

Jorge Kachmari is a member of the Underscore Orkestra, a Portland OR based band, playing a blend of Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy Jazz and Swing, with a repertoire consisting of both original and traditional material from fast bulgars and melodious waltzes to odd meters and swinging rhythms. Instrumentation includes violin, accordion, guitar, banjo, clarinet, horns, flute, harmonica, bass, vocals and percussion. Each of the members comes from various backgrounds and musical disciplines from as far away as Russia and as close as our own North West. The Underscore Orkestra has been performing for the past 6 + years, touring all around the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Central America and has been seen from intimate coffee shop setting all the way to huge outdoor festivals.

Danielle of Znama Dance Company

A trans-stylistic performer with an insatiable passion for movement.

Danielle Smith, a contemporary American dancer since age seven with a background in jazz, classical ballet, and modern, is a practitioner of ethnologically diverse dance from Middle Eastern/Bellydance to Flamenco to Japanese inspired Butoh. Diversity, celebration, deep interpretation of music, and focused energy inspire the core of her performance. After attending Alfred University for Fine Arts in New York, Danielle moved to Portland Oregon to explore her multi-faceted artistic passion. She now teaches, dances, and performs around the country with Znama Dance Company and Mizu Desierto Butoh Theater, as well as creating her own choreographic works and instructing fine young artists in alternative education settings.

Doug Shafer of Negara

Self proclaimed worlds greatest artist and holds the guinness book of world records for most cookies eaten while playing the oud.
He plays with The Underscore Orkestra, is a founding member of the band Negara, and plays in Krebsic Orkestar.
Doug plays numerous instruments Including Oud, guitar, saz, jimbush, mandolin, and percussion. He often gives workshops and teaches turkish percussion technique.





Jason Ramirez of The Rhythm Keepers

Jason Ramirez, the most recent RevelMe! addition is a all around incredible middle eastern percussionist. Known as the ‘darling of darbuka,’ He is also proficient with a drum kit, massage table, and espresso machine. Jason can be seen performing all around the great city of Portland, Oregon.




Past Collaborators: 

Gus Clark

Plays almost every Instrument under the sun. The legend goes that he was born with a golden pic in his hand and played on a silver guitar until the age of 16 when he decided to play ordinary  wooden instruments.  The task has been monumental and he can ornament better than most men alive today. He is versed in the likes of Mandolin, Guitar, Accordion, Clarinet, Violin, Tuba, and virtually any other instrument you throw down in front of him. He is a true joy to watch and will pump up the energy of any show.





Russel Gores

Bass Man extraordinaire, Russel is also a fine Guitar player and a drummer in demand, as well as one hell of a musical sawist.  He plays in other projects such as The Underscore Orkestra, Professor Gall, The Madison Moon Burlesque Show and many others. He is also a teacher of drums and jazz theory.  He spends his days off dreaming of fluffy bunnies and foofy marshmellows.

Bevin Victoria
Having spent most of her life upside-down or in the air, once it occurred to Bevin to put her feet on the ground, it made sense to keep them moving.
What started as mandatory ballet practices turned into a love-affair that led her to pursue training in Lyrical, Hip Hop, Pop, Tribal Bellydance, Salsa, African, Native, and Tango. A black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a practitioner of Kung Fu and Bikram yoga, Bevin marries the control, focus and physicality of a life-long competitive athlete with the exuberant showmanship of a Vegas Showgirl on stimulants.



Photography by Bruce Beaton 

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